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Welcome to Form Online

These pages provide all people living outside UK everything they need to form British limited company and a branch in their home country as an alternative to their local types of corporation in order to void bureaucratic complications in their own country. We provide tailor-made 1 day formations for €95 after we take-over your order and you may start trading in 24 Hours.

All our incorporated companies are fully provided with all registers, copy of companies' register certificate, minutes of meeting, statutory forms, share allotments, elective resolutions, powers of attorney and share certificates completed in full.

Form your company within
15 minutes online!

Once you have completed our online
order form you will not have to complete
any additional forms or documents.

How it works?

Based on EU-treaty provisions the principle of freedom of establishment enables an economic operator (person or company) to carry on an economic activity in a stable and continuous way in one or more Member States without being subject to any discriminatory or restrictive measures which could not be justified by reasons of general interest. (All OECD-Member states allow certain stage of freedom of establishment).

What does it mean for enterpreteurs?

Thanks to this globalisation process you may benefit from competition between corporation legal systems in different EU states. You are not entirely on your' states hands if you wish to form corporation or make changes in it. You may void protraction, complication and high costs caused by your local legal system or bureaucracy. You may choose from all types of corporation in the world and form corporation in that country where you find it has most sense. For conditions this chapter.

Our offer:

Form fast and easy the most popular corporation type: British Limited Company and its Branch in your country!


British Limited Company is cheap, fast formed, flexible and reputable. This is why every forth incorporated company in Germany is British Limited Company.

It becomes also more and more popular i.e. in Germany, Austria, in new EU member states Czech Republic or Slovakia as well as in other States round the Globe (Russia, Baltic States, Scandinavia etc.).

Have a look at the companies register in various countries

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