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Quick, cheep, high reputation of internationally acceptable entity. These are the principal benefits of trading as a British limited company.

big_checkLimited company is incorporated

  • without notary public
  • within few hours
  • free of charge (if using secretary and registered office facilities for 1 year)
  • without objects (scope) of its business activity

Limited company can

  • enter as shareholder into any company of the world
  • benefit from UK taxation
  • pay out dividends any time it wants
  • have its accounts inspected within 9 months of the time when the return was delivered

There is

  • 20% tax on profit
  • tax planning acceptance
  • knowledge of legal form in the world
  • lowest authorised capital (1GBP)
  • limited shareholder's liability

There is no

  • capital contribution requirement
  • restrictions for single member company
  • restriction for appointment of people banned in their home country (except UK).

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