Terms of use

(Valid from 1.1.2005)

Form Online (FO) is a formation service company designed to allow you to form your own corporation. FO is not a law firm and neither FO nor any of its employees provide legal services, legal or business advice. All information is published to provide clients general information. With respect to specific client's needs they cannot be used as substitution to legal services or tax consultancy when using our products or services. If you need stronger assurance, please contact your solicitor or tax advisor.

FO may provide you with basic information in relation to company operation in international business scope and refer to particular national Acts or international agreements. FO cannot take on any responsibility if you do not implement your national standards in your trading activities correctly. In order to follow all national legal requirements FO expressly point out the importance of your business intention consultation with tax advisor as in case of trading by any national corporate entity.

FO use information provided by our clients for filling out forms required by British Authorities, invoicing, accounting and payment purposes or for contacting clients in relation to ordered services. We will not sell, handover, share, or rent your information to others.

Ordered services will be carried out after your payment is credited to our account. An invoice for ordered services is generated automatically and can be found on a following subpage after you submit confirmed order with approved terms of use. An invoice may be issued on existing corporation only. Therefore it is not possible to invoice ordered company.

You will receive order confirmation after full settlement is credited to our account (inclusive international bank transfer costs) by any means of payment.

FO will issue an invoice for any applicable annual services 45 days before the annual reference date shown on your register certificate expire. The payments are due within 15 days. Should not the settlement be credited to our account 1 day before the annual reference date we will resign from all posts and provided services at the end of annum and the company will automatically be struck off the Companies Register. At the date of dissolution any assets held by a dissolved company will belong to the Crown (claiming these benefits is fraud and criminal offence subject to prosecution). In this case Client binds himself to pay resignation fee of €1.000. All directors together with Client will warrant for settlement of this amount.

All annual services may be cancelled if you give us notice by e-mail to any of our e-mail addresses at least 30 days (60 days if you have local branch) prior to annual reference date shown on your register certificate. In this notice you have to advise us if you wish to change Service Company or dissolve your company. You will receive confirmation message at no charge for this service.

Once ordered services are confirmed there are following approximate terms:

Company formation, all registers, copy of register certificate, minutes of meeting, statutory forms, share allotments, elective resolutions, powers of attorney, share certificates within few hours up to 1 working day,

Verification of incorporation details by Companies House and abstract from UK register record (Certificate of Good standing) next 1 – 3 days,

Express Apostille within next 3-5 working days,

Official translation within next 3 working days,

Air mail delivery within next 7 working days, Courier within next 2 working days,

Please expect 10-14 working days and time for delivery for full service order (without VAT registration). However, your new company is legal entity within 2 days when you may start trading.

If an order is cancelled after payment has been taken by FO you may be refunded proportional order amount for unused services. If you cancel an order you will be informed about actual order situation. Since Limited company formation is fast process, there are refund limits. All foreign expenses (courier, state fee…) that has already been paid to the state or to suppliers are not refundable. If using more complex services (Standard+ and Complete) where there is document translation included you will be refunded 75% of price set up for translation on condition that cancellation will be received and confirmed before translation order. Our basic cancellation fee is €50 to cover processing costs for order cancellation. In case of international money order of refunded funds all bank expenses will be set at the end (recipient).


Form Online, its agents, representatives and employees specifically disclaim any warranty beyond the limited warranty stated above, whether express or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for purpose. Under no circumstances will FO, its advisors, agents, representatives and employees be liable or responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused or alleged to be caused by the use of our services. Our warranty is limited to services paid to FO. If you are not satisfied please contact our company. Clients irrevocably agree that all disputes or other claims arising from this order shall be resolved by judicial power of England and Wales.

An inevitable cooperation condition is that all ordered services will not be used for any illegal or immoral activities. In case of reasonable suspicion (e.g. publicizing) we are entitled to resign from all services and replace nominee officers by shadow officers.